Rentalok is a Spanish commercial company established in the financial center of Bucharest, with a powerful influence in Romania and neighbor countries.

Our offices are strategically situated in order to cover the influence area and a specialized team that qualifies us as a leader company in the sector.

Our purpose is helping and serving the companies that want to expand over the Eastern Europe Market.

At Rentalok we think and believe that the success starts with good communication and with the tight collaboration that we have with our clients.

For us, every client is different and especially for this reason we offer personalized solutions.

Together we elaborate the perfect plan that your business needs.


Juridical consulting
We are offering specialized services that give all the legal information from the countries where you want to operate.

Commercial assistance

Our purpose is to detect your company’s strengths in order to improve them, although to detect and remove your company’s weak parts.
We will develop strategies that your company needs in order to improve the productivity, and in this way, we will increase your company’s sales.

Market analysis

The market analysis is essential before launching a product. We have to know the potential, the demand as well as the localization of the target audience and the price policy that we must apply.

Business development

We have to identify and take advantage of the opportunities provided by the environment, such as high potential markets that have not been yet exploited by your company, as well as the extension to new geographic areas or the development of new products. In addition, having the ability to create opportunities that lead to the growth of your business, improve the sales and going ahead with the market movements.

Marketing plan

The marketing plan provides a clear vision of the goal and what we want to achieve along the way to our objective. At the same time, informing in detail the situation in which we find ourselves, marking the stages that have to be covered on the way to our achievement.
It has the added advantage that the compilation and elaboration of the necessary data to realize this plan, it will allow calculating, how much it will take to cover each stage and that gives a clear idea of the time that we should use for it and to which staff we should aim to achieve the objectives.

Global expansion

The stagnation is never positive in a company, although, one of its objectives is to grow and improve its results without staying behind. The maritime export of goods can be one of the ways of growth. However, it does not serve to export your products if you don’t have a strategy previously prepared with which you can ensure the possible success of the operation.
In an expansion strategy, we cannot avoid the risks. What we can do is minimize them to ensure the success.
In this sense, developing a strategy is the base for your company’s successful growth, assuming the minimum risks.


Our added values are the human relations and the communication between our clients and collaborators.
Our main purpose is the satisfaction of our customers.
We put at your disposal our database in which you will find the commercial work of more than 10 years of experience.


We put at your disposal our experience in which we jointly develop the strategy, the procedure, and the necessary activities for taking the product, in the precise conditions, from the point of manufacture to the place where it is available for the final customer.